(Liberty Brown)

My name is Liberty Brown. As a child I grew up in the BSA scouting program in Washington state. I arrived in Bozeman, MT during the summer of 1998, after spending 6 years as a submariner in the United States Navy. I enrolled at Montana State and since graduating from MSU in 2003, I’ve worked in sales and marketing, eventually starting my own business in 2013.

My wife and I signed up our son for Cub Scouts in first grade with hopes that Scouts would open him up to new things. I had no intentions of volunteering myself when we signed him up. At our first Pack Meeting, the Cub Master asked for a volunteer to lead a new Tiger Den. I thought this would be a good opportunity for my son and I to share his adventures together, so I volunteered.

I’ve been the Den 7 leader now for 4 years and I’m going into my 5th and final year as a leader. I also serve as the Committee Chair for the Pack, while helping with the pack website and social media. My business, Branding Iron Marketing, LLC now serves as the Charter Organization for the pack.

My goal in volunteering is to help create an environment where the kids can have the same great memory creating experiences that I had as a child. As the Pack Charter, I hope to contribute to the Pack for many years to come.

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