Scout Week 2019 (Recap)

Scout Sunday

Scout week 2019 is in the books! It was great to have so many scouts and their families participate in the past weeks events.

Scouting for Food

We hit scouting for food just right this year! Temperatures were mild and the scouts had a lot of fun asking for donations and retrieving carts from Belgrade Town & Country shoppers. When it was all said and done, Troops 649 & 679, Packs 3526, 3650, 3651, 3648 and Crew 2526 collected 1,455 lbs of food an $729.67 in cash for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank.

Wear your Uniform to School

I know as scouts get older this isn’t always easy to get them to want to wear their uniform to school but thank you to those who did. When we get a large number of kids wearing uniforms on the same day, it creates great interest with other kids in their classes. Hopefully we’ll see a few kids who want to join because of it.

Scout Window

Special thanks go out to Ace Hardware in Belgrade for allowing us to take over part of their entryway for a whole week! Please say thank you to the manager at Ace if you happen to go by for anything. Also a big thank you to the Dannar family and Heather Williamson for helping to set up the display on a Friday night.

Scout Sunday

Normally we start the week with Scout Sunday but this year we decided to move it to the end because of other things going on with the Belgrade Community Church. We joined up with the troop as well as Pack 648 and a group of Venture Scouts. It was a great showing and the members of the church were very grateful for the cookies and our participation.

Please share any pictures you might have by emailing them to so we can put a nice presentation together for our entry into the Montana Counsel Anniversary Contest.

Thank you!

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